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Nameste! I am Ashish. I started started Cooking class with my wife in 2012. I am the son of a farmer. Since childhood we have worked on the quality of spices, we are selling spices in our local market and we know very well of Ayurveda. We choose our food according to Ayurveda and our lifestyle is also based on Ayurvedic .Indian spices have been described in great detail in Ayurveda. We use the same special type of spices in our daily life which gives us a healthy and calm mind. I want to share the knowledge of adopted Ayurveda among all my friends. Because of the high demand for our spices, We have started to Export and we are growing day by day . We have a good experience of selling all kinds of goods from India to abroad and we can do all the governmental processes. If you have any kind of problem related to import export, you can contact me. I have good experience in all processes.


Nameste! I am Mrs Manju and am passionate about cooking to help enhance my kitchen skills. I have been teaching since 2012 and I am very happy to see my students learning how to cook delicious food in a simple, easy way. For me the award has been receiving wonderfull feedback from the people who join our class and their families. I am paying individual attention to everyone and welcome all queries and doubts to build confidence. I believe that a cookie teacher can estimate how many students come back after first grade, to learn other recipes and I'm proud to say that my students learn more from me Let's return again and again. . I believe that I am friends with my students and you are free to call me in case of any questions even after finishing your class. I have beginners and experienced people coming to me and I structure my classes to give maximum benefit to all. I hold an introductory pre-talk at the beginning of class on that topic, such as how we chop vegetables for a while, how to boil rice, so that each granule separates and does not stick together, how to make ginger and Garlic etc. I advise on good brands for different ingredients and where they can be purchased. I don’t believe in keeping a secret.

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We started in 2015 in which we used to teach people how to use spices and make delicious food. And we were very successful in this business, after that we started our adopted business in Goa and there we taught Ayurveda bases Cooking class as well as we sold our spices. We started the business of exporting spices and Indian handloom products from the year 2018, Today we supply our spices world Wide in Retail and wholesale.

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Our business is going World wide we need partners. If you want to work with us for import and export then we welcome you and this is a very good opportunity for you. Where you can earn good porfit .

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