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We did a research on indian food in which we discovered a very big misunderstanding foreign people believe that Indian food is not beneficial for health it uses too much oil ,chilies and spices. People feel that much more spices are needed to make Indian food requires a lot more ingredients people also think that there spices will not be available in their country. But this is just the perception of people. We have a very good solution for it we will tell you the identity of all the spices in our cooking class and will also teach you the process of making spices so that you can make easily all this spices in you home.After joining the class here you can easily identify spices and you can easily find these spices in any super store in your country.We want to tell you that don't believe what you heard



Basic Workshop are designed solely with the student in mind. Our Workshop provide students with a thorough understanding of the material, so that they are able to tackle problems in the real world. We want our students to keep an open mind, and have fun throughout their experience at yogacookingclasses. Indian cooking and yoga have originated from "the science of living a healthy and orderly life". Learn the basics of this science and learn how to use these concepts to create these eating habits and to balance health-flavors in everyday life.



We will tell you which spices are used mostly in indian food and how it is beneficial for health .every spice has its own importance which is beneficial for our body and there names are as follows turmeric, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cumin seed, fenugreek, coriander and green chilli, Black paper, cinnamon stick etc ,if you are doing yoga or some other type of exercise so all these spices provide you with a nutritious diet we are going to teach you only healthy recipes with the help of above herbal and spices. so "Don't eat less eat better and healthy."



Vegetarian diet can be a great way to experience better health. A vegetarian diet is associated with high consumption of folic acid, vitamin c & vitamin e, fiber , unsaturated fats and magnesicum. Often vegetarians have low blood pressure , low risk of heart disease,low cholesterol and thinness Let's adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Meatless diets lower your risk for obesity, One reason for this is because non-meat eaters generally eat less saturated fat and more fiber-rich plant-based foods.Because there are so many reasons to switch from regular to vegetarian dieting, why not give it a try?


This class is for everyone including beginners, who doesn' cook anything, yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, Those who want to eat healthy food and like to learn about balanced food. our classes is open for everyone and i will make sure that you will find it very easy, very beneficial for health so come and join our classes and enjoy the delicious indian food. we request you that if you are allergic to any kind of food stuff or you are suffering form a prolonged illness please mention it before the class starts.

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We are going to tell you that we have many courses available to you, in which we will tell you about many indian dishes which are very beneficial for you as well as delicious.We would like you to join our business class ,In which we will give you complete information about indian food, We will make you aware about the diversity of indian food and i want you to be absolutely sure that after making this class you make it very easy in your house, You can make this delicious meal and share it to your friends and family and get lots of compliment.so my suggestion would be to join our Beginners basic class this is our most demanding class and in this class our chef will teach you personally to make all the thing done better.

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We will only teach you how to prepare vegetarian food dishes. we only use fresh fruits and vegetables we do not use any kind of preservative vegetables . All the ingredients used by us are the best quality Because we are very concerned about your health we will teach you to prepare healthy food along with tasty easy to cook, with very few ingredients and resources.


we have limited seats so make an advance booking before 2 or 1 day.

We welcome you even if you haven't been able to make advance booking for any reason and want to join our class.

The process of booking ,you don't have to pay any kind of advance payment.

To confirm your booking you must contact us on our mail id or WhatsApp and then you will be given your discount code by us this discount code is required to show us at the time of payment before the classes start.

Group Service

Basic Class


2.5 hours

Rice,Daal,Indian bread (Roti),green vegetable,salad. After the Basic Class, if you want to join beginners class we offer you a discount of 10% to 15% in fees.

Beginners classes


3.5 hours

In this class we will tell you about some special recipes that Indians use everyday in their common life for their lunch & dinner i.e 3 types of vegetables,3types of Rice , 3types of Daal and many more.

Indian Street & Sweets Class


4 hours

In this you will be given very simple recipes which are very light and easy to digest and its very quick to make.